Control System Design and Manufacture

We offer a full turn key controls solution from initial concept, to design and manufacture and right through commissioning. We have expertise in the following:
PLC and HMI software
SCADA systems
Electrical panel design and build
Motion control and drive systems
We work with a variety of technologies from leading vendors mainly Siemens, Rockwell and Schneider.

All of our control systems are compliant with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and its supporting standards.

NG Controls is also an authorised solution provider for Movicon SCADA software from Progea.

The product offerings from Progea allows us to provide and support comprehensive and high quality supervisory, control and data acquisition software applications. We can also provide solutions where this level of control and supervision can be accessed remotely or extended to mobile devices.

Movicon 11.6 is a SCADA and HMI software platform which can be deployed both on Windows based industrial PCs as well as Windows CE HMI devices.

For applications that want to leverage off the benefits of Industry 4.0, the Movicon.Next is an ideal solution. It offers the full range of control and supervision functionality of Movicon 11.6 with added features that support the development of applications that will satisfy historian and industrial analysis requirements.

The Pro.Lean and Pro.Energy software modules allow us to provide solutions for providing OEE and energy usage analysis.

For more information on Movicon 11.6 and other Progea software offerings, visit

Machine Vision Inspection

We work with vision systems manufacturers such as Cognex, Omron and Keyence to deliver bespoke vision inspection solutions for our customers.

Some of our vision applications include:

Part assembly inspection and verification
Robot guidance
Label barcode verification including 2D matrix


With modern manufacturing looking to leverage off the latest industrial automation technologies, robots are playing a key role in delivering more efficient and productive manufacturing processes.

Our robot applications have included automated assembly, labelling, pick and place and palletising using the Denso, Epson and Nachi range of robots.

We also provide a “proof of concept” service to allow our customers explore the risks and benefits of using robots as part of their production process.

Water Telemetry

Our water telemetry solutions are currently being used by water service providers to monitor and record the daily water usage and reservoir levels. The system provides a graphical user interface where the user can view all the associated main data metrics. Using the data collected, reports can be generated to show total water consumption from a user selectable time period.

Most of the data displayed is in real time where any data from remote bulk flow meters is captured on a daily basis. There is also a facility for alarm notifications to be sent directly to the user.

Each telemetry solution is a bespoke solution to match the unique requirements and layout of the water service provider’s system layout.

Machine Safety and CE Marking

With manufacturing processes becoming more heavily automated, maintaining operator safety and the integrity of the machine safety control system is critical. NG Controls has TUV NORD accreditation in the form of CMSE (Certified Machinery Safety Expert) which along with our extensive experience in machine controls systems, allows us to provide machinery safety assessment and design services.

Our services include:

Risk assessments
Machine safety control system design and build
Machine safety control system upgrades
CE marking of machinery

Project Management and Consultancy Service

Using our extensive knowledge and experience of automated machinery, we can provide a project management and consultancy service whereby we can either support or manage the full integration of automated machinery into a new or existing manufacturing process.

Remote and Onsite Technical Support

We offer remote PLC and machine software support using TeamViewer or through a secure VPN connection using an HMS Ewon unit. We also support our customers through VPN’s provided by our customers IT department.